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Diabetes Meal Replacement With The Anemone Lifestyle.

Put your type 2 diabetes into complete remission with the Anemone Lifestyle Program. We administer a “classic” 3:1 ratio ketogenic diet as complete meal replacement. This 3:1 ratio (3 grams of fat for 1 gram combined protein and carbohydrate) is a more effective treatment for obesity and type 2 diabetes than standard ketogenic diets are.

What Is Anemone Lifestyle?

The Anemone program is an 6 month physician supervised program that utilizes foods that have been proven to provide optimal nutrition and put type 2 diabetes into complete remission.

How Does It Work?

The Anemone Lifestyle program provides complete meal replacement, including breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner. The meals are tasty and filling. The foods are varied with different meals every day for 3 weeks, with repeated 3 week-long cycles. The meals and snacks are configured so that you will lose weight.

What Can I Expect?

  • Get your diabetes under control without medication
  • Normalize your glucose levels
  • Lose a lot of weight

The Anemone Lifestyle goal is to help individuals with type 2 diabetes control glucose without medication. Through the first few weeks after you start the program a supervising practitioner will monitor and adjust your diabetic medication. There is a good chance that you may be able to stop your diabetic medication within weeks to three months. You can expect weight loss of 30-90 lbs in 4-8 months.

Who Is Eligible?

The pilot Anemone Lifestyle program is currently only available to patients in the national capital region of Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland who are able to keep scheduled physician appointments at the Anemone Center located in Bethesda Maryland.

Our doctors and professional staff will meet with you before you start the program, one and two weeks after you start it, and then regularly once a month during the program.

How Do I Start?

Give us a call at 301-530-9746 or complete the contact form above to set up an initial consultation with Dr. Klein. We will respond within 24 hours.