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The Anemone Program

According to the National Institute of Health, type 2 diabetes is the biggest health risk and economic challenge of the developed world.

The Anemone program is an 8 month physician supervised program that utilizes foods that have been proven to provide optimal nutrition and put type 2 diabetes into complete remission.

A person with type 2 diabetes following the Anemone program can expect to eliminate the need for diabetic medications and enjoy normal glucose levels within 3 months. For long term sustainability of diabetes remission, the program is continued for 8 months. This results in a large weight loss that makes diabetes remission long lasting.


Full Meal Replacement

The Anemone program provides complete meal replacement, including breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner. The meals are tasty and filling. The foods are varied with different meals every day for 3 weeks, with repeated 3 week-long cycles. The meals and snacks are configured so that you will lose weight.

The foods are distributed between three meals and two snacks each day. It is important that you do not skip meals or snacks.

Every ingredient in every meal and snack is specifically there to maximize effectiveness of the program so it is critical that the program be followed precisely.

The pilot Anemone program is currently only available to patients in the national capital region of Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland who are able to keep scheduled physician appointments at the Anemone Center located in Bethesda Maryland.

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