The Science

In type 2 diabetes due to overweight or obesity, the excess weight results in the body becoming resistant to insulin (“insulin resistance”). Carbohydrates in the food contain glucose. Glucose stimulates production of insulin by the pancreas. Insulin allows glucose in blood to enter into cells where it is used to produce energy. With insulin resistance, insulin becomes ineffective and the body is unable to use glucose properly. This causes high glucose levels which stimulates more insulin secretion resulting in “hyperinsulinemia”. Insulin stimulates appetite and more weight gain. A diet with very low carbohydrate reverses all these trends. The body is starved of glucose, and uses fat as a source of energy. This lowers blood glucose levels which reduces secretion of insulin, reversing diabetes. Low carbohydrate diet is the most natural and organic way to treat diabetes due to resistance to insulin, i.e., type 2 diabetes. It has been shown to be effective in a number of studies in patients with diabetes, as well as in animal research. In addition, very low carbohydrate diet causes weight loss. The Anemone Complete Meal Replacement program produces quick reduction in glucose and insulin levels to normal, reversing diabetes and allowing discontinuation of medications, and long term weight loss, which makes the diabetes remission sustained and long-lasting.


For further information: please follow these links to research articles published on low carbohydrate diets and diabetes and obesity.



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