We have conducted a clinical research pilot study to investigate the effectiveness of the Anemone meal plan at reversing type 2 diabetes and treating obesity. Weight, BMI, fasting plasma glucose (FPG), HbA1C, serum fasting insulin, lipid and leptin levels were evaluated monthly. The results are published in The Journal of Obesity and Chronic Diseases (link).

We observed 80% of patients starting the program were able to achieve complete remission of their type 2 diabetes (defined as normal fasting blood sugar and normal HbA1C off all diabetic medications) at the end of the Anemone program.

Among patients completing the full program, we observed improvements in HbA1C (average reduction of 1.36%)  and weight (average weight loss 35.6 lbs). Additionally, fasting insulin levels decreased and some patients were able to eliminate their blood pressure medications.

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