Anemone type 2 diabetes reversal and weight loss program with total meal replacement (ready-to-eat meals)

Our diabetes reversal and weight loss programs are designed to be simple and easy-to-follow, highly effective, and not sacrifice on taste or satiety.

Simple and easy-to-follow

Ketogenic diets can be difficult and time-consuming to follow on your own. They require one to accurately weigh and portion food ingredients, read nutrition labels and track carbohydrates consumed, and make correct food choices for each and every meal you eat. 

Instead, we provide 100% of your daily calorie requirements in the form of ready-to-eat meals (not meal replacement shakes or bars), eliminating the need for time-consuming food planning and prep, grocery shopping, and wondering if you are eating the correct foods. You eat 5 meals per day (breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, and dinner) to avoid hunger – 4/5 patients report no hunger at all! There are different meals each day of the 3 week meal cycle, so you will not get tired of the same protein shake or flavor-less foods. Simply eat the Anemone meals provided to lose weight, reverse diabetes and eliminate medications!

Effective treatment

By providing meals with custom physician-designed recipes for your entire diet, we are able to perfect the nutrient balance in the meals to maximize diabetes reversal and weight loss. You can expect to lose at least 30 to 80 pounds, depending on the length of your program. More than 80% of patients are able to achieve long-term, sustained diabetes remission (based on pilot studies of the Anemone Lifestyle Program). This is not a crash diet or a very low calorie starvation diet; the Anemone Program is easily sustainable long term. We use a special form of the ketogenic diet traditionally used in epilepsy/seizure treatment. This variation of the ketogenic diet leads to greater diabetes and obesity treatment power. For more information on the science of the treatment, click here.

Delicious meals cooked by local professional chefs

The Anemone meals feature a diverse selection of freshly prepared ingredients used to craft tasty, thoughtful recipes. Our meals are cooked from fresh ingredients by professional chefs, flash frozen to ensure maximum freshness upon defrosting, and then immediately packaged and delivered to our office. There are nearly 100 unique recipes, so you will not get tired of eating the same foodss

Example meal items include:

  • Lemon pepper salmon with asparagus
  • Raspberries, whipped cream and almonds
  • Pan fried pork chops with mushroom cream sauce
  • Beef brisket with vegetables

The Anemone Lifestyle Program is currently only available to patients in the national capital region of Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland who are able to keep scheduled physician appointments at the Anemone Center located in Bethesda, Maryland, or at their own physician’s office. However, if you are outside of this region and still interested in trying our meals, please contact us – other arrangements may be possible.

Real results

Give us a call at 301-530-9744 or fill out the contact form to the right to learn how Anemone can help you lose weight, reverse diabetes, and eliminate medications.