Eliminate medications…

With Anemone Meals!

Medication reductions occur on Day 1 of the program, ALL medications typically eliminated by the end of the first month, depending on length and severity of diabetes. For type 2 diabetes treatment, the program length is approximately 6 months long.

The Anemone program is NOT a standard “diabetic diet” that has traditionally been recommended for blood sugar control. These “diabetic diets” still include large amounts of carbohydrates that increase blood sugar, and therefore do not go far enough to reverse the disease process of diabetes.

This process is analogous to a firefighter putting out a fire. Consider the “fire” as insulin resistance in type 2 diabetes, and carbohydrates as high octane gasoline. The firefighter can give his best effort to put out the fire (ie insulin resistance in type 2 diabetes), but if someone is throwing gasoline (carbohydrates) into the mix the firefighter will fail. This is where the standard “diabetic diets” fail in reversing diabetes and is why diabetes typically worsens over time. To extend the analogy further, taking diabetic medications is like putting up a wall around a burning house – sure, the problem is out of sight and walled in, but the house is still burning.

Facts about diabetes:

  • The average annual dollar cost of type 2 diabetes is ~$9,600 [1]
  • Diabetes affects ALL organ systems of the body, even when blood sugar is “controlled” by medication [2,3]
  • With each passing day, uncontrolled blood sugar inflicts more and more damage, eventually becoming permanent and deadly [4]
  • Self-management of diabetes is physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially demanding [5]

Our program is straightforward and simple to follow. You already have enough stress in life, why not choose to eliminate the extra burden of diabetes with Anemone Lifestyle? No more blood sugar checks. No more medications. No more worrying about future medical complications from long term diabetes. 

The 5 meals a day you will receive on the Anemone program are specially designed to be non-glycemic, meaning they will not raise your blood sugar. Stable and normal blood sugar levels throughout the day keeps insulin levels low, allowing your body to go through a “metabolic recovery”. This carbohydrate restriction, coupled with weight loss, provide long term diabetes remission.

Our treatment method has been shown to be more effective than traditional diabetic diet recommendations at controlling blood sugar and diabetes. The success rate of the program is rivaled only by invasive bariatric surgery – 4/5 patients who complete the Anemone program will achieve long term, sustained type 2 diabetes remission. For more information on the Anemone pilot study, click here.

Sandy’s experience (below) is typical of patients with type 2 diabetes completing the full 6 month program.

Type 2 diabetes reversal using the Anemone program with ready to eat meals

Call us now for a free phone consultation to see how Anemone can help you reverse type 2 diabetes, normalize HbA1C, and eliminate the need for diabetic medications. We can be reached at 301-530-9744, info@anemonelifestyle.com, or by completing the contact form to the right


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