The Anemone program is equally effective for weight loss and living a healthy lifestyle, and will even help reduce your future odds of developing diabetes.

A successful diet would not be successful without results – and Anemone Lifestyle has them.

  • Typical weight loss is 30-90 pounds over the course of the program, depending on your goals. Some patients have lost over 100 pounds. Our results are comparable only to bariatric weight loss surgery.
  • No hunger: We will tailor the program to you so that you lose weight quickly and without hunger
  • The Anemone program will not slow your metabolism like other diets, avoiding the post-diet weight gain that is all too common.
  • Sustainability – This is not a short-term crash diet plan. We use a reasonable daily calorie allowance to avoid starvation and keep energy levels high. In fact, many patients report increased energy and mental clarity after several weeks on the program.

Hear how Anemone helped Fulton lose 36 pounds in 2 months without hunger>>

Since the above video, Fulton continues with Anemone and has lost over 100+ pounds – stay tuned for an update!

We live in a world of fad diets that promise quick, short term results but rarely deliver. They either leave you always feeling hungry, don’t work, or you just regain the weight after stopping the diet. The Anemone Lifestyle Weight Loss Program is different. In fact, there are no other comparable total meal replacement programs on the market. You eat real foods prepared by real chefs – you will not find any flavor-less meal replacement shakes in our program.

Why is our diet better? The goals of the Anemone weight loss program are:

  • Improve body image by losing fat and not muscle – The low carbohydrate basis of our program targets fat loss and preserves muscle mass
  • Simplify life and nutrition choices – Total Meal Replacement means we take the guesswork and uncertainty out of daily food choices, ensuring the patient stays on the most optimal path for weight loss.
  • Lasting Lifestyle Changes – We will help you learn food choices that are tasty, satisfying and healthy with the help of a nutritionist. The Anemone Program is not just a diet – it truly is a lifestyle change.

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