Hear what patients have to say about Anemone

“I have lost 56 pounds and feel like a new human being … I think its a wonderful thing, and I never would have thought I would’ve been able to take this kind of weight off at this time in my life … I very much recommend this to anybody who has a diabetes problem, or a weight problem” – Sandy

“I participated in the program and after a month I eliminated the [diabetic] medications and started to lose weight. The program was very effective for me and I lost almost 40 pounds.” – Martha

“I can’t say enough positive things about this diet! I started about a month ago and have lost 24 lbs! I was really struggling before and this has made my life so much easier and is actually working for me. The food is amazing and the staff has been so helpful and lovely! I highly recommend the Anemone Lifestyle!” -Antoinette