Why choose Anemone - Total meal replacement ready-to-eat meals, physician supervised weight loss, ketogenic diet

If you have diabetes, you have:

  • 70% risk of also having high blood pressure
  • 80% higher risk of having a heart attack
  • 50% higher risk of having a stroke
  • Approximately 30% risk of loss of vision after the age of 40
  • Approximately 35% risk of chronic kidney disease
  • Approximately 50% risk of developing neuropathy, damage to nerves that may cause pain in the feet and loss of ability to walk.
  • The most common cause of leg amputation in the US

Diabetic medications do not treat the underlying problem, they only cover up symptoms until it is too late…

Anemone uses dietary metabolic therapy to reverse the underlying pathology (ie insulin resistance) of type 2 diabetes and obesity. Our program is the only one of its kind using a classic ketogenic diet total meal replacement to address these diseases. Our goal is to make the program as simple and easy-to-follow as possible, maximizing chances of success.

Simply eat the Anemone Meals to eliminate diabetic medications, normalize A1C and blood sugar, and lose weight.


The patients who have the most success on this program are those whose goals include a true lifestyle change.  The standard American diet today can be described as high fat, high carb, and high calorie – this is a deadly combination that is the primary reason for our current obesity and diabetes epidemic. This type of diet damages almost all organ systems in your body, eventually leading to death in many people. Anemone’s goal is to reverse this damage using a dietary treatment approach.

There is growing evidence showing that a person’s diet can affect their risk for, or aid in the treatment of, many diseases other than diabetes and obesity. Some diseases with evidence showing a dietary component, other than type 2 diabetes and obesity, include: Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, heart disease, cancer, acne, PCOS, depression, anxiety, IBS and a diverse array of neurological disorders including seizures, autism, multiple sclerosis, headache, and sleep disorders. Clearly a person’s diet plays a huge role in their general health and well-being.


Do you or someone you love have Type 2 diabetes or have excess weight and are at risk for developing diabetes? Do you take medications or inject insulin? If you do, then the Anemone Lifestyle program may help you get rid of or prevent diabetes. No matter how much medication you are taking, the Anemone program will help you stop or reduce all medications and normalize blood sugar – imagine living a life without diabetes, blood sugar checks, hypoglycemia episodes, and all the symptoms that come with a diabetes diagnosis.  If you have been told you have prediabetes or elevated blood sugar, the Anemone Program is the best way you can be proactive in preventing diabetes.


The Anemone program offers a >80% likelihood of remission of diabetes – meaning no more medications and normal blood sugar. Long term. The program is extremely effective and extremely simple. We have configured the diet to most effectively treat type 2 diabetes and provide rapid and sustainable weight loss. We have created varied, tasty recipes, and have brought all this together into a complete meal replacement program that is extremely effective and extremely simple. All you need to do is eat the food provided by the Anemone program – it is good  –  and let the Anemone physicians and medical staff take care of your medications and treatment plan. At the end of the program, you will be diabetes free, much leaner, healthier, and a new person.


Are you tired of injecting yourself with insulin? Of taking medications? Of running the risk of blood sugars too low with medications, or too high without them? Have you had blood sugar run so low that you lost or almost lost consciousness? Or so high that you needed emergency treatment? If you have, you do not want to repeat it, for every time you do, a part of your brain dies. If you have never experienced it, you do not want to experience it.

“One of the common traits or healing factors among radical remission survivors is the opposite of helplessness: Its taking control – taking ownership – over your health” – Kelly Turner, MD

Contact Anemone now at 301-530-9746 or info@anemonelifestyle.com to start living a new, health-centric lifestyle and enjoy the many rewards this lifestyle brings.