We provide 100% of your daily calorie requirements, eliminating the need for time-consuming food prep and grocery shopping. You eat 5 meals per day (breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, and dinner) so there is very little hunger – in fact, 80% of patients report no hunger at all! There are different meals each day of the 3 week meal cycle, so you will not get tired of the same protein shake or flavor-less foods so commonly found in other, less effective meal programs.

By providing food for your entire diet, we are able to perfect the nutrient balance in the meals to maximize diabetes reversal and weight loss. You can expect to lose at least 30 to 80 pounds, depending on the length of your program. More than 80% of patients are able to achieve diabetes remission (based on pilot studies of the Anemone Lifestyle Program). This is not a crash diet or a very low calorie starvation diet; the Anemone Program is easily sustainable long term.

The Anemone meals feature a diverse selection of freshly prepared ingredients used to craft tasty, thoughtful recipes that are designed to have the optimal nutrient balance needed to reverse type 2 diabetes and help you lose more weight. Example meal items include: Guacamole, salmon, bacon, blueberries, whipped cream, and many more!

The Anemone Lifestyle Program is currently only available to patients in the national capital region of Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland who are able to keep scheduled physician appointments at the Anemone Center located in Bethesda, Maryland, or at their own physician’s office. However, if you are outside of this region and still interested in trying our meals, please contact us – other arrangements may be possible.


The patients who have the most success on this program are those whose goals include a true lifestyle change. The standard American diet today can be described as high fat, high carb, and high calorie – this is a deadly combination that is the primary reason for our current obesity and diabetes epidemic.

Additionally, there is growing evidence showing that a person’s diet can affect their risk for, or aid in the treatment of, many diseases other than diabetes and obesity. Some diseases with evidence showing a dietary component, other than type 2 diabetes and obesity, include: Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, heart disease, cancer, acne, PCOS, depression, anxiety, IBS and a diverse array of neurological disorders including seizures, autism, multiple sclerosis, headache, and sleep disorders. Clearly a person’s diet plays a huge role in their general health and well-being.

Contact Anemone now at 301-530-9746 or info@anemonelifestyle.com to start living a new, health-centric lifestyle and enjoy the many rewards and benefits this lifestyle brings. 


The Anemone Lifestyle Diabetes Program begins with reducing or eliminating your need for diabetic medication on the very first day of the diet, and ends with complete diabetes remission. Think about your life before the costly burden of diabetes.  Our program is natural, proven and works – all you need is the desire for a diabetes-free lifestyle.

The average medical cost of type 2 diabetes is $7,900 in diabetes-related expenses per year, but the health and mental costs far outweigh the financial. With Anemone Lifestyle, you can cancel your costly and unhealthy pharmaceutical diabetes subscription plan and add years onto your life and dollars in your bank account. No more blood sugar checks. No more medications. No more worrying about future medical complications from long term diabetes.

Our method has been shown to be more effective than traditional diabetic diet recommendations at controlling blood sugar and diabetes. The National Institutes of Health calls type 2 diabetes the biggest health risk and economic challenge of the developed world, and for good reason. This diabetes and obesity epidemic was caused in part by the poor quality average American diet – fix it with Anemone  Lifestyle.

Weight Loss Program

The Anemone program is equally effective for weight loss and living a healthy lifestyle, and will even help reduce your future odds of developing diabetes.

A successful diet would not be successful without results – and Anemone Lifestyle has them.

  • Typical weight loss is 30-90 pounds over the course of the program, depending on your goals. Our results are comparable only to bariatric weight loss surgery. You can expect to lose 5-10 pounds in the first week of the diet alone.
  • Less than 20% of participants reported significant hunger or cravings, the #1 reason for failing diets.
  • The Anemone program will not slow your metabolism like other diets, avoiding the post-diet weight gain that is all too common.
  • Sustainability – This is not a short-term crash diet plan. We use a reasonable daily calorie allowance to avoid starvation and keep energy levels high. In fact, many patients report increased energy and mental clarity.


We live in a world of fad diets that promise quick, short term results but rarely deliver. They either leave you always feeling hungry, don’t work, or you just regain the weight after stopping the diet. The Anemone Lifestyle Weight Loss Program is different. In fact, there are no other comparable total meal replacement programs on the market. You eat real foods prepared by real chefs – you will not find any flavor-less meal replacement shakes in our program.

Why is our diet better? The goals of the Anemone weight loss program are:

  • Improve body image by losing fat and not muscle – The low carbohydrate basis of our program targets fat loss and preserves muscle mass
  • Simplify life and nutrition choices – Total Meal Replacement means we take the guesswork and uncertainty out of daily food choices, ensuring the patient stays on the most optimal path for weight loss.
  • Lasting Lifestyle Changes – We will help you learn food choices that are tasty, satisfying and healthy with the help of a nutritionist. The Anemone Program is not just a diet – it truly is a lifestyle change.

Contact us now at 301-530-9746 or info@anemonelifestyle.com for more information on the Anemone diabetes and weight loss programs and to book an appointment now.